What is DH-IGNITE?


DH-IGNITE is a 2-day event with a 3rd day of in-person workshops targeted at those interested in digital and computational methods and practices in humanities and social sciences.

Throughout the two days participants will learn about resources and opportunities related to digital humanities and computational social sciences through presentations, discussions, lightning talks, interactive sessions and more.


Through the event you will be able to:

  • learn about opportunities and resources available through ESCALATOR, SADiLaR, and others in the local and global community;
  • showcase your work;
  • meet peers at similar learning stages;
  • connect with others for potential future collaboration;
  • advertise and explore postgraduate study opportunities;
  • brain storm ideas for digital innovation in your research projects;
  • much more!

We want to help catalyze digital innovation in humanities and social sciences research in South Africa, establish new collaborations, and learn what is currently happening in the South African humanities and social sciences landscape.