In 2020 the South African Center for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR) launched the ESCALATOR programme as part of the DSI-funded SARIR research infrastructure.

ESCALATOR aims to support the development of an inclusive and active community of practice in Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences in South Africa. Read more about the programme on our website - https://escalator.sadilar.org.

Original plans

The ESCALATOR team set out with great excitement and planned to run numerous in-person capacity and community development events across the country, but restrictions related to the COVID pandemic hampered much of our activities and we were unable to host in-person workshops, networking events, and more. Despite the challenges, numerous virtual activities did take place and we are looking forward to meeting our participants in person at the regional DH-IGNITE events over the coming months.

Invitations to DVCs, Deans, Library Directors

  • Read the letter to the deans and DVCs here
  • Read the letter to the library directors here