Exploring digital and computational research in humanities & social sciences

Dates: 23 - 25 August 2023

Venue: Gauteng (TBC)

Invited institutions: UP, UNISA, TUT, VUT, SMU, WITS, UJ, CUT, UFS, SPU, NWU, CSIR, HSRC

Exploring digital and computational research in humanities & social sciences
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__Dates:__ 23 - 25 August 2023
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__Venue__: Gauteng (TBC)
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__Invited institutions__:  UP, UNISA, TUT, VUT, SMU, WITS, UJ, CUT, UFS, SPU, NWU, CSIR, HSRC
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Teasers from our previous events

DH-IGNITE KwaZulu-Natal (October 2022) and Western Cape (March 2023)

What is DH-IGNITE?

DH-IGNITE is a regional event hosted by SADiLaR and the ESCALATOR programme aiming to support the development of an active community of practice in Digital Humanities (DH) and Computational Social Sciences (CSS) in South Africa.

  • 5 DH-IGNITE events to reach all 26 public universities across the country.
  • We’ll talk about digital/computational methodologies in humanities and social sciences!

Image source: Digital humanities methodological commons (after McCarty & Short (2002); Obtained from: Anderson, Sheila & Blanke, Tobias & Dunn, Stuart. (2010). Methodological commons: arts and humanities e-Science fundamentals. Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences. 368. 3779-96. 10.1098/rsta.2010.0156.

What is DH-IGNITE?

Draft Programme - Central & Western Region - August 2023

What can you expect?

Presentations & Lightning Talks
Interactivity & Discussions
Panel Sessions & Exhibition Booths

Who should attend?

Each event will be open to participants from the relevant regional South African institutions as listed on the respective event pages. Dedicated spaces will be available to representatives nominated by the Humanities & Social Sciences Dean or Library Director from each university.
Additional spaces will be available by application.


Humanities and social sciences researchers as well as computational researchers at all career stages


Humanties and social sciences lecturers interested in renewing curricula to include digital and computational components

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students in humanities and social sciences and computational research wanting to grow their networks

Research management

Deans, directors, and other research managers keen to learn about opportunities for growing digital and computational research and sharing challenges

Librarians & archivists

Librarians and archivists involved in DH or CSS projects or supporting humanities and social sciences researchers

Research enablers

Anyone working in a humanities and social sciences research environment providing support or infrastructure for digital and computational research

Ready to participate?

Applications for DH-IGNITE Central & Western Region will open on 1 June 2023

Please note that there are no costs involved to participate in DH-IGNITE. Conference fees for participants who are either nominated for participation by their faculties or library directors, or who are accepted through the open application system, will be sponsored by SADiLaR via the ESCALATOR programme.

SADiLaR will sponsor accommodation for a maximum of 2 nominated participants from each invited institution in liaison with deans from the Faculties of Humanities. Travel will not be included.

Travel, accommodation, dinner, and other incidentals for other participants will be for faculties/departments/participants own cost.

Participants will have to sign a no-show fee form confirming that they will be liable to refund SADiLaR for conference costs should they not attend the conference without valid and timely communication with the programme team.

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